Best residential care home design for Global Awards shortlisted

NEW YORK: The shortlist for the best residential care home design has been declared.

Over 250 designs have been considered by the awards secretariat. One of the finalists in this category is shown below.

Completed by FELT architecture & design, villa kameleon is a care home sitting in a forested site of zoersel, belgium. in partnership with an NGO, the project is designed for a private client who wished to accommodate their granddaughter and eight other residents suffering from mental disability. the architects carefully positioned the care home within the forest in such a way as to maximally preserve the green charm of the site and inject natural lighting into the space.

The team at FELT architecture & design, alongside NGO emmaus, translated villa kameleon into a rational and hyper-compact volume with a recognizable hexagonal ground plan. alternating between light grey plaster and various shades of green glazed tiles, the façades offer a simple play of rhythm and materiality that breaks down the volume of the building and allows it to establish a different relationship with its surroundings from every side.

To avoid the overly functional and often bleak design found in healthcare facilities, the architects modeled the interiors with a warm and homely palette of colors and materials. once inside, a spiral staircase welcomes visitors on the ground floor and forms the heart of the building. communal areas and three other studios, meanwhile, complete the lower level with extra attention given to accessibility.

Moving up to the first floor, six other identical studios are arranged around the staircase and located at a corner of the hexagonal plan. this extra angle gives the studios a double orientation with two different views of the landscape, and a strikingly functional layout. the bathrooms in each studio are pushed to the façades, allowing natural daylight to trickle in. finally, a dome on top of the central hall brings in light into the heart of the building and offers a view of the sky and the treetops.

The Global Award winner will be announced in December in London. (Globals)